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Pinball FX2 - A Free Pinball Game with a Nostalgic Feel

If you wanted to waste time in the early 2000s, a lot of us turned to the free Pinball game that came with most Microsoft machines. Pinball FX2 is an updated version of that with a lot of extra cabinets thrown in to mix up the experience.

What is Pinball FX2?

Pinball FX2 is an updated version of the Pinball game we all used to love. The game operates exactly how you would expect; you control the paddles and send a small metal ball flying round an animated table to rack up points. If you understand real life pinball you should feel pretty confident with this.

Should You Get Pinball FX2?

As a free download, it's a very satisfying download. Everything works as you expect it to and the tables included for free will provide a decent amount of fun. If you're keen enough on the concept you can pay for extra tables and for the most part they're interesting enough to warrant the purchase. If you're feeling the need for some nostalgia, then this is a great option for you.


  • Free to download
  • Nails that original Pinball feel


  • Not a huge amount of tables for free
  • Some of the new tables move away from the authentic aesthetic


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Pinball FX2


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